The Outsiders Mission Statement


Welcome to our blog. We know you have questions. Deep, burning questions, we’re sure. And as you’ll come to learn, we have the answers. To everything. To anything. To everything again. Yes, it’s true, our word is gospel. Now, to answer your first question, allow us to tell you a little bit about, well, us. We are young, dashingly handsome, absurdly brilliant, utterly hilarious, obscenely knowledgeable A-level sports fans. We’re born-and-raised New Yorkers, proud but depressed Knick fans (UPDATE: WE’RE NO LONGER DEPRESSED!!!!), temporarily-ashamed Yankees fans, cautiously optimistic Jets fans with a vested interest in all things sport. As for hockey and all other tertiary sports, leagues and events, you’ll come to learn where we stand soon enough (UPDATE: OUR NEW DETROIT FANS HAVE CONVINCED US THAT HOCKEY NEEDS TO GET IT’S CREDIT. IT’S NOT FOR US NYC GUYS, BUT WE’VE HEARD YOU AND WE RESPECT YOUR OPINIONS. WE WILL TRY TO GIVE HOCKEY AS MUCH BURN AS POSSIBLE MOVING FORWARD).  


Glad you asked. An A-level sports fan – something which we personify – is a fan that is not only knowledgeable, but approaches the concept of sport with an intellectual gaze. Further, the A-level sports fan admits when he or she is wrong, sees both sides of the argument, admits when he or she doesn’t know too much about a certain topic, and most of all, an A-level sports fan just gets it. If you don’t get what that means, then you’re simply not on the team. Period. If you can’t figure out what the blog’s title references, we respectfully ask that you douse yourself with scorching hot acid and then try again. The guy sitting at the end of the bar at McDooley’s Ale House in Newark who knows every single Giants’ name has a place. The former University of Michigan cheerleader who has slept with every single member of the Mets’ 2005 bullpen has a place. The British-born former Polo star turned equestrian analyst for ESPN has a place. The dude who has no trouble talking sports so long as you’re only talking about a). a game that is currently on or just finished b). a player or players that possess such fame that any average Joe could speak on them or c). something so noteworthy – like the Super Bowl – has a place, too. This is just not it. But, C-level sports fan, we encourage you to observe and absord everything that this blog will speak on and maybe, just maybe, we”ll carve out a little niche for you, too.


Simply put, we reserve the right to make, break or alter the rules at anytime. We reserve the right to delete your comment because we feel like it. We reserve the right to not fact-check a piece should we be pressed for time. We reserve the right to blog about how unbelievably ridiculous celebrity blogs are. To that point, we reserve the right to blog about what a tool John Mayer is, particularly when he poses as a person with even moderate intelligence via the blogosphere. Now, we doubt if any of these things will ever happen, but we just want you to know that you’re in our world now. We make the rules.


Uhm, wait…we need a goal and stuff? We really haven’t gotten that far yet. I kid, I kid (sort of). The goal is two-fold: first, we aim to entertain the public and create rousing sports debate at all hours of the day. Second, we aim to please ourselves. Really, that should be numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5. If we’re happy, you’re happy, capiche? With all that in mind and all kidding aside, we welcome everyone to our world and invite any and all questions and/or suggestions. Now, without further ado, let’s play ball


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