Daily Chuck-N-Duck

Admittedly, this pic is only here to sucker you Detroit folks into reading this post

Some random thoughts, insults, and insights from the day…

More Melodrama

Melo went from Messiah to Marbury in less than 2 weeks. The waffling from myself and my friends alone has been staggering. For months before the trade we didn’t want him. When it became apparent that it was a forgone conclusion that we were going to get him, we spent weeks rationalizing the deal and convincing ourselves we really DID want him. He got here. He was Jesus in Blue and Orange for a week or so…then he proceeded to meltdown, mope, complain, pot-call, coast, slack, chuck, and matador his way to the NYC doghouse. My wife can’t even keep up. She witnessed me go all junior-high school-girl-at-a-Bieber concert when he made his Knicks debut. Then she witnessed me bashing him during his PUTRID outing against the Bucks this past weekend and was totally confused.

“I thought you loved him?!?”

“Once upon a time, baby…once upon a time.”


As I was pondering the greatest all-time sports names today (post coming soon), it occurred to me that one of the great names of all time never came to fruition…If Henry and Virginia Bibby had named their son Bobby instead of Mike, we would have been treated to, arguably, the greatest NBA name of the last few decades:


C’mon. How could they have missed this? That is irresponsible sports-parenting. It’s probably a little late to call Child Protective Services but maybe I’ll hand-write the Bibby’s a letter expressing my concerns.

Barry Bail Bonds

The sports-journalism world was abuzz this morning with news of the commencement of jury selection in Bonds’ steroid trial. SportsCenter ran a piece that showed some old footage of Barry in a Pirates uniform, weighing less than Oliver Perez’s confidence, running around the bases like a gazelle. All I could think was…HOW DID HE THINK THAT EARRING WAS OKAY??

And just in one ear too...awful

Thanks for listening people.

-by Max Joice


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