5 For Fab Five Fighting

I got to see my childhood friends tonight.  I’ve missed them indescribably and can’t begin to eloquently convey the emotion I was drenched in when I was first re-acquainted.  It was shear and utter joy.  Its been about 19 years since I last saw them together.  I was almost 10 years old and I was incredibly vulnerable on an influential level.  Because of this, these friends played a substantial role in shaping one aspect of my life into what it is today.  For a full two hours, I had the fortunate opportunity of visiting with Juwan, Ray, Jimmy, Chris, and Jalen one last time.  

The Fab Five documentary was as much a walk down childhood lane for me as it was an eye-opening experience for the newcomers…and thus  I must admit full bias when speaking on this subject.  This isn’t to say that I can not put forth the effort to view this objectively either.  After watching the epic doc, I hopped on twitter, as per usual, and read up on how others received the film.  For the most part, there was nothing but love being thrown at @jalenrose.  Then I caught Adrian Wojnarowski, (@wojyahoonba) Yahoo’s NBA writer, re-tweeting someone’s claim that Patrick Ewing and Georgetown were more culturally influential than the Fab Five.  He followed that up with alluding to the Fab Five doc being “incomplete,” and HBO’s film on UNLV superior.  He then stated that “(the Fab Five) made (the doc) themselves,” and thus believing it was bias and incomplete by nature. What more does he want?

Chris Webber’s rejection to participate does render the piece somewhat incomplete, but I thought Jalen’s candidness was the caulk that filled the hole left by Webber’s absence.  Jalen did not seem to hold anything back (and neither did Juwan, Ray or Jimmy).  He admitted mistakes by him and his friends and even confided he probably wouldn’t have done anything differently if done all over again.  YES, Jalen produced this film, but was there anything he was hiding?  Would it have been more credible if they hired Mike Wallace to handle the interviews?  I don’t think Jalen’s answers change if they did. Not one bit.  There were so many issues raised in one documentary about five college freshman, that the discussions could and will last forever.  But for right now, I choose to take it for what it meant to me: Another visit with my childhood friends.


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