Spring Is “On The Air”

Before you read any further, please start the video below and loop it in the background….

Do you have the chills yet? Are there goose-bumps forming? Is your blood pumping a little harder and your heart beating a little faster?


March madness never fails to live up to its name.  64 (68) teams, 768 dreams, 5 rounds, and one crowned champion topped off with the corniest of montages. (see : One Shining Moment below)

The first Thursday of the NCAA Tournament has become the most in-efficient day on the work calendar, (said Forbes in 08’) and the most exciting day on television.  If you haven’t already heard, every game will be televised across all CBS and Turner networks.  It was the greatest gift I have received since the RedZone Channel.

Let the madness begin!  There are no less than 15 teams that would not surprise anyone if they marched through to the Final Four.  The usual suspects have lined up…North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, Syracuse, and UConn.  There are recent surprise returns like Butler, Utah State, Old Dominion and George Mason.  There are a couple rehabilitated programs like Temple and St. Johns.   There are stars like Uconn’s Kemba Walker, Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger, BYU’s “follower of the code” Jimmer Fredette, and Duke’s pesky  Nolan Smith.  This years field is as up in the air as George Clooney and Mira Sorvino.

This is without a doubt my favorite time of year as a sports-fan.  The NHL playoffs are vastly approaching, NFL draft rumors are being tossed about,  the NBA is amidst its most interesting season in years, spring-training is in full swing, and the PGA’s next generation of stars is maturing with each passing weekend.  All of this, however,  takes a back seat from selection Sunday straight through to Championship Monday.  Fill out your brackets (the password is “hoops” one bracket of integrity please) get some of T.O.’s popcorn, and enjoy the show!  If we have learned anything in the past 15 years…don’t count out the Spartans!  Here comes Izzooooooooooooooo! OH HOW I LOVE MARCH!!!

ok…you can turn it off now….ill see you all Thursday.

-by Lowell Ahee


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