The Closer

Melo knocks down the game-winning jumper over Tony Allen

Are there any Knicks fans out there still complaining that Donnie Walsh gave up too much to acquire Carmelo Anthony?

Didn’t think so. Last night’s buzzer-beating game-winning jumpshot from Melo should’ve put all that talk to bed…permanently. There are still some legitimate concerns about Melo’s overall game (defense, shot selection, ball distribution) but the fact is, this guy is a legit superstar. There are only a handful of guys in the league today who I’d take over Melo in clutch situations.

Kobe, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade (somebody should remind Erik Spoelstra and Lebrick about this irrefutable truth). Those are the only 3 players I would take over Melo with the game on the line. His ability to knock down contested jumpers is uncanny. He uses his height, jab step, and exceptional strength to get his shots up with defenders draped all over him, which they almost always will be with the game on the line.

In order to make a run in the playoffs, any team needs a closer. Someone who should always get a touch on a game-deciding possession. The Knicks now have 3 (Melo, Amar’e, Chauncey).

Makes it pretty easy to forget about Danilo “The Drunken Gazelle” Gallinari (seriously, watch the way the dude moves and you’ll get the nickname) and Wilson “No Pulse” Chandler, doesn’t it?

-by Max Joice


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